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These pages are intended to series capacitor and SVS techniques
All related techniques are welcome.
If you work or have worked with series capacitors of SVS, plese give your valuable information to others.

This is the basic system of the capacitor system .


Here is basic sparkgap system. It is older without instant firing.


Here are basic seriescapaitor devices


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Kennedy substation in Brittish Columbia 1973


Here is a capacitor substation test 1973 in Chapmans.
It went well.
Here is first light cable, which was very important in series capacitor stations.
It carries data form the ground to station and backwards.
There were 12 cables.
Some has 16 channels like line current measurement.
Same has only one like arc protection device down and control the breaker to up.
It was very new in 1972.
It was first time to used in high voltage devices.
The light cables went though oil filled light poles to the ground.
They have worked now (2022) 50 years!
They had 12V CMOS devices to control them (CD4000-series).
I was a designed of these devices and light communication in Nokia Capacitor factory


The light column fo the Bonneville capacitor station

Bonnevillevalopilari3.jpgOvako thyristorbank

Kihnio 400V thyristor controlled station



What is series capacitor?
What is SVS?
Series capacitor installations
Small cospgi cobtrol
Canada memories
German memories

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